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CommOne.co.uk Computer Services

  • System Design – Let us design your system from scratch, from a bespoke computer up to a multi user network we can supply all the necessary hardware to meet the needs of your requirements.

  • Repairs (Hardware) – From diagnostics through to full system replacement we will advise you on the most economical solution to get your system back up and running.

  • Repairs (Software) – Full software repairs service under taken from 3rd party software problems through to full operating system installations.

  • Virus and spyware Removal – Complete internet cleanup service from virus and spyware removal through to removal of temporary files, keeping your system in full working order and fully protected.

  • Laptop repairs – Full laptop repair service including complete strip down and clean, mains power connector resoldering, LCD screen faults and inverter replacement, mainboard replacement etc.

  • Broadband & Wireless – Having trouble setting up your broadband or wireless connection? Let us come to your home or business and configure your network and security safely for you. We can also supply any networking equipment you may require at a very competitive price..

  • Data Recovery – Failed hard disk drive?  Let us attempt to recover all your data from either a software corruption to hard disk failure, we have a range of options to retrieve your valuable data.

  • Data Erasing – Total data destruction of confidential and personal information on your hard disk drives, undertaken to a military standard and in accordance with the data protection act.  

  • Data Backup – We offer a range of services for backing up your data from automated backup through to manual removable hardware, we can advise what’s best for you and your setup.

  • Web Services – Complete web-site design from scratch with a full consultation service for the specific requirements of your site, SEO services for search engine optimisation.

  • Networking – From domestic broadband setup at your home through to small business network installations we can design, install or repair your network, support contracts also available.

  • Security – security advice for your network to protect your confidential data, from additional hardware through to software configuration we can advise you what is best for your particular setup.

  • Consultancy – Full consultancy available on all of our different services from system design, data backup to web services, we will discuss the best options for you and your setup to move forward.

  • I.T. Disposal and Recycling – Offering a range of services including collection of redundant I.T. components for recycling or disposal to data erasing and hard disk destruction in accordance with data protection act and the new WEEE waste electronic and electrical equipment directive.

  • Second User –We will try our best to reuse not recycle, dispersal not destruction.  With this is mind we also offer a range of fully refurbished equipment that may suite your requirements.


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